Protecting and restoring watershed health since 2005

Left Hand Watershed Center 

Left Hand Watershed Center protects and restores watersheds for people and the environment using a science-based approach.

As a stakeholder driven, non-profit organization located in Boulder County, Colorado, the Watershed Center serves the community by monitoring and protecting water quality and important water sources for over 20,000 residential and agricultural water users, implementing restoration projects, and striving to build a strong stewardship ethic within the community.


Front Range Watershed Days!

Saturday, September 28th: watershed tours and celebration at Roger’s Grove Park

The Watershed Center, along with our partners and sponsors, will be hosting a watershed celebration aimed to inspire people to connect to their watershed. Join us in the AM for watershed tours and in the afternoon for a celebration and hands-on activities on the banks of the St. Vrain.

Learn more here about the event and sponsorship opportunities. More details on bus tours coming soon!

Adaptive Management Guide

This guide introduces the concept of adaptive management and describes how Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group developed an adaptive management plan for watershed resilience in Left Hand Creek Watershed.

Adaptive Restoration in the News

Read about our new research project! We are working with CU Boulder researchers to study the ecological benefits of a stage zero restoration project. Our management actions to improve watershed health today must continue to benefit the future. Thank you to all our partners!

Volunteer Event

Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group would like to thank Garney Construction and Left Hand Water District for helping us restore the banks of Left Hand Creek. The crew planted 1,000 trees on our 41st Street project site which will help stabilize the banks of Left Hand Creek and reduce sediment runoff downstream. 

Stream Stewardship & Recovery Handbook

LWOG lead the development of a Regional Stream Stewardship & Recovery Handbook designed to provide support for landowners who are implementing stewardship practices on their creek-side properties. Email Meg Parker to reserve a copy of the Handbook.

LWOG in the News!

September 12, 2018 marks five years since the beginning of the floods.  This multi-day storm resulted in 17 cumulative inches of rain in Jamestown, CO and a state of emergency throughout Boulder County.  Left Hand Water District Manager, Chris Smith, and our Executive Director, Jessie Olson, share a common vision for Left Hand Creek: to move forward in a positive direction and ensure restoration and resilience in the watershed!

Canyons Project

Our newest project involves stream restoration in Left Hand Canyon. This project includes nine sub-areas (indicated on the map linked below) and work will start soon! Check back for the Request for Proposal to be posted later this spring.

Join us in protecting and restoring watershed health

Upper Left Hand

Before and After Restoration


Before and After Restoration


Before and After Restoration


Learn more about how we protect and restore Front Range watershed health.

Watershed Insights

Lefthand Watershed in History


Colorado’s First Inter-basin Water Transfer and the Coffin versus Left Hand Ditch Water Case

How did an 1879 water conflict in the Left Hand Creek headwaters come to influence water law in nine western states?


and Left Hand Creek’s Legacy of Mining

Following the discovery of gold in Denver in 1859, it did not take long for miners to work their way up the creeks into the mountains, panning for gold and searching for the veins from which the nuggets came.


is it a Volcano?

Standing rather proudly in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains along the front range of Northern Colorado is a very unique little mountain affectionately known as Haystack Mountain, earning its name by the early dairy farmers who settled on its flanks.