Protecting and restoring watersheds since 2005

Science + Community

The Watershed Center protects and restores watersheds for people and the environment using a collaborative and science-based approach.

We are a stakeholder driven, non-profit organization located in Boulder County, Colorado that values science and community. We used sound science to monitor, assess, and manage our watersheds. We use data to plan and implement on-the-ground forest and river restoration projects. We strive to build a strong stewardship ethic in our community through place-based and participatory learning.

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Our Work

Learn more about how we protect and restore Front Range watershed health.

adaptively manage watersheds

Adaptively Manage Watersheds

We use science-based adaptive management to monitor and manage watershed health from the upland forests to the urban corridor.

Volunteers Engage Community


We are building a community-wide stewardship ethic rooted in watershed science through place-based and participatory learning.

Restore Forests


We lead the St. Vrain Forest Health Partnership, conduct forest management on private lands using a holistic, science-based approach, and coordinate post-fire ecological recovery efforts.

Restore Rivers


We work with diverse interest groups to plan and implement on-the-ground projects that advance watershed restoration practices and incorporate climate change scenarios.

Our Approach

At The Watershed Center, we use an adaptive management process to help reduce uncertainty and manage to the future as we work to improve the health and resilience of watersheds. We chose an adaptive management process because it offers the flexibility necessary to manage complex and changing ecosystems. Using adaptive management, we define our goals, quantitatively track progress toward our goals, and adjust management or monitoring actions iteratively, based on what is learned.