Canyon Watershed Restoration Project — Week 1 Construction Update

The Past Week

  • We met with Boulder County regarding our permits and completed final edits. We anticipate picking up permits early next week.

A Look Ahead

  • Starting the week of August 5 we will begin construction preparations in Reach 1. This involves prepping the staging area for mobilization, completing construction staking, fencing off tree protection areas, and installing construction signage. We will reach out to landowners in this reach to schedule on-site meetings as needed regarding tree removal plans.
  • Once construction preparations are complete in Reach 1 we will begin tree removal and excavation. This will likely start during the week of August 12.
  • Starting the week of August 5 I’ll also be reaching out to landowners in Reaches 2-9 to schedule final pre-construction site visits. Thanks to those of you who have let me know your availability/travel plans. We are targeting completing all site visits during the week of August 19, unless you had specific requirements regarding availability. Thank you in advance for your responsiveness and flexibility.
  • Starting the week of August 12 Civil Arts will have surveyors visiting Reaches 2-9 to stake grading limits. We will review these grading limits with each landowner during final pre-construction site visits the following week.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.