Canyon Watershed Restoration Project — Weekly Update

The Past Week

  • Construction continued at the lower end of Reach 1. Work focused on overflow channel grading in two locations and adding pool habitat. A second staging area was also set up in Reach 1.
  • Western States began acquired plant materials and LHE transported large wood to staging areas.
  • Civil Arts completed construction staking throughout Reach 1 and completed staking grading limits in all other reaches.
  • Our staff completed pre-project photomonitoring at sites.

A Look Ahead

  • Construction (grading and in-stream) work will continue at Reach 1, moving upstream.
  • A second crew will begin at Reach 9 mid-week during the week of September 16. Civil Arts will complete construction staking at Reach 9 prior to work starting.
  • Western States will begin transporting planting materials to staging areas.
  • Utility Locators will continue visiting sites in the coming weeks as needed.
  • Final construction walk throughs will continue for Reaches 4-9, targeting Reach 7 and 8. Thanks again for your responsiveness and flexibility as I reach out to schedule these.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.