Canyon Watershed Restoration Project — Weekly Update

The Past Week

  • Construction continued at the lower end of Reach 1. Crew 1 completed overflow channel grading and added pool habitat in several locations. Crew 1 also started bench and point bar grading further upstream. Logs, rootwads, and boulders were delivered to the staging area.
  • Construction preparations started at Reach 9. Crew 2 brought equipment to the site and obtained the final stormwater permit.
  • Civil Arts completed construction staking at Reach 9.

A Look Ahead

  • Crew 1 will continue grading and in-stream work at Reach 1. They anticipate completing work up to the approximately the staging area by the end of next week, then up to the point bar the following week.
  • Crew 2 will start grading and in-stream work at Reach 9. Work will start at the downstream end and will continue through approximately the end of next week. After that Crew 2 will move on to Reach 7.
  • Revegetation is expected to start at Reaches 1 and 9 the week of September 30.
  • Western States will begin transporting planting materials to staging areas next week.
  • Civil Arts will complete construction staking at Reach 7 prior to work starting.
  • Utility Locators will continue visiting sites in the coming weeks as needed.
  • Final construction walk throughs will continue. They are being scheduled as close as possible to the start of construction in each reach to keep everything fresh in mind. Thanks again for your responsiveness and flexibility as I reach out to schedule these.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.