Canyon Watershed Restoration Project — Weekly Update

The Past Week

  • Construction continued in the middle stretch of Reach 1. Work focused completing the pond area. (Crew 1)
  • Construction wrapped up at Reaches 4 and 5, and started at Reach 2. Work focused on bench grading, removing sediment, installing pools in Reach 5. Work in Reach 4 focused on moving the channel away from the road and increasing pool habitat. (Crew 2)
  • Plant installation continued in Reaches 1, 7, 6, and 5.

A Look Ahead

  • Crew 1 will continue grading and in-stream work at Reach 1. They will focus in the central portion of the reach next week and will start on the fish passage area the week of November 4.
  • Crew 2 will complete grading and in-stream work at Reach 2 by the end of next week and will return a few spots higher up in the canyon.
  • Plant installation will continue at all reaches. Willow stake installation still needs to be done at all reaches.
  • Seeding and mulching of all reaches will begin on November 8.
  • Utility Locators will continue visiting sites in the coming weeks as needed.
  • Final construction walk throughs will continue.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.