Canyon Watershed Restoration Project — Weekly Update

The Past Week

  • Construction continued in the middle stretch of Reach 1. Construction was shut down due to heavy snow and cold weather for parts of the week. Work focused in the central part of the project area, north of the pond. (Crew 1)
  • Construction continued Reach 2 but work was shut down due to weather and mechanical issues with the excavator. (Crew 2)
  • Plant installation was on hold this week due to weather.

A Look Ahead

  • Crew 1 will continue grading and in-stream work at Reach 1. They will complete the central portion by early next week and will start on the fish passage area by middle of next week.
  • Crew 2 will return to Reach 2 early to mid-next week, after repairs are complete on the excavator. Work will then continue at Reach for approximately one week.
  • Continuation of plant installation will be determined based on weather. While most remaining installation will be delayed to the spring, seeding and willow stake installation will occur in the coming weeks as it warms up.
  • Final walk through will continue when we know more about the planting schedule.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.