About Us

The mission of the Left Hand Watershed Center is to assess, protect, and restore Left Hand Creek Watershed, and to serve as a resource for other watersheds using a collaborative and science-based approach.


In pursuit of our mission the Left Hand Watershed Center endeavors to carry out the following goals:

Adaptively Manage

Assess watershed health using science-based adaptive management.

Find Balanced Solutions for Working Rivers

Bring together diverse community members with competing values to develop on-the-ground solutions through open communication and cooperation.


Build community-wide stewardship ethic rooted in watershed science and place-based, participatory learning.

Rivers & Forests

Plan and implement on-the-ground projects that advance watershed restoration practices.

Who We Are

Established in 2005, we have strong roots in our community and we are led by a diverse board of enthusiastic stakeholders. We value science and community, and embrace these values to implement on-the-ground projects. While we maintain our roots in Left Hand Creek Watershed, we strive to apply our locally-developed tools regionally for the benefit of all Front Range watersheds and communities.

History of Left Hand Watershed Center


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Watershed Center Staff

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