About Us

The mission of The Watershed Center is to protect and restore watersheds for people and the environment using a collaborative and science based approach.


In pursuit of our mission The Watershed Center endeavors to carry out the following goals:


Use collaboration and the best available science to understand watershed conditions across ecosystems and the solutions needed to increase watershed resilience to climate change and other challenges.


Build a shared stewardship ethic among stakeholders, scientists, and community members through engagement, collaboration, outreach, and connection.


Plan and implement cross-boundary projects that protect healthy ecosystems, mend impaired ecosystems, and prepare watersheds for the impacts of climate change.

Who we are

Established in 2005, The Watershed Center has deep roots in Boulder County and is led by an engaged board of partners. We value science and community, and embrace these values to create on-the-ground projects that protect and restore ecosystems. Our history includes three phases that connect to significant watershed events: legacy mining, floods, and wildfires. From 2005 to 2015, we oversaw legacy mine cleanup in Left Hand Creek. From 2015 to 2019, we led flood recovery in the Left Hand Watershed. In 2019, we expanded our geography to include all Boulder County watersheds and added forest restoration to our services. In 2020, we strengthened our forest restoration leadership through coordination of the St. Vrain Forest Health Partnership. Today, we continue expanding our capacity, expertise, and partnerships to address an ever-changing landscape of watershed challenges and opportunities.

Where we work


The Watershed Center, with roots in the Left Hand Watershed, focuses geographically within the St. Vrain Basin. Services are also provided outside of this geography because our programs and tools are designed to be scalable and transferable.

How we’ve grown


Meet Our Staff

Watershed Center Staff

Meet Our Board Members

Your watershed is there for you from the mountains to the plains to your faucet, through every season, and from now into the future. We can help you return the favor.

Your donation will help us protect clean water, decrease fire risk to communities, provide outdoor learning experiences for youth, and ensure that collaborative science is guiding our community towards more resilient, climate-ready, watersheds. Together we can protect and sustain our forests, rivers, and communities – and every contribution makes a difference. Thank you for your generosity!