Gabriel Tuerk

Ex Officio Board Member

Gabe is a local technologist who spends his free time small stream fishing on the Front Range. A Boulder, CO resident for over 30 years, Gabe earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He and his wife, Julie, are proud parents to three sons, each of whom are developing a deep appreciation for the outdoors. Gabe is a member of Colorado Trout Unlimited and is part of the Boulder Flycasters chapter which he represents as an Ex Officio board member of LWOG. He enjoys all aspects of a balanced watershed and his recreational uses include low-impact catch-and-release fishing, bird-watching and thoughtful reflection. Gabe chose to get involved with LWOG after hearing about LWOG’s local and thoughtful approach to sustainable watershed restoration at a local Flycasters chapter meeting.