Gregory Ames

Ex Officio Board Member

Gregory K. Ames is a Boulder native. Early in his life his Father, Longmont Architect Keith Ames and his Mother Rosemary, picnicked along Left Hand creek near Haystack. While in College his father purchased five acres along the creek. In 1968 his father built their home and Greg has lived in the family home since then. For fifty years his father taught him to appreciate and value living along running water in Colorado. In 1978 Greg attended Colorado State University in Ft. Collins and studied Landscape architecture. He then attended seminary and completed his master’s degrees in Divinity and Theology. Today Greg is a Catholic Priest working for the homeless in Ft. Collins. During the Floods of 2013 while working in New York with the homeless, Greg arrived home to find a creek bed that was devastated, having effectively unraveled fifty years of hard work protecting, planting and enhancing the natural landscape along Left hand creek, which runs for a thousand feet through the family property. Greg’s history on the creek truly began with his observations and experience since the flood of 1969, which he remembers well. His observations and experience in landscape and watershed management gives him a great love for Left Hand creek and an even greater appreciation for the effects of human interaction with the natural environment. This experience is the driving reason for his desire to serve on the LWOG board.