Your watershed is there for you from the mountains to the plains to your faucet, through every season, and from now into the future. We can help you return the favor.


Your donation will help us protect clean water, decrease fire risk to communities, provide outdoor learning experiences for youth, and ensure that collaborative science is guiding our community towards more resilient, climate-ready, watersheds. Together we can protect and sustain our forests, rivers, and communities – and every contribution makes a difference. Thank you for your generosity!


We help your local forests, rivers, and communities thrive by:

      • Restoring rivers so they can be resilient to fire, flood, and climate change
      • Managing and restoring forests for the benefit of the ecosystem and communities
      • Helping local communities become adapted to, and ready for, wildfire
      • Supporting the use of the best available science in land management
      • Providing K-12 students with hands-on environmental education
      • Facilitating opportunities for meaningful engagement between the public and those who manage our forests and rivers

What can your donation do?


      • Give a student a hands-on learning opportunity outside
      • Spread native plant seeds after a fire
      • Vegetate a streambank
      • Remove noxious weeds from a site


      • Protect a threatened fish species (e.g., Northern Redbelly Dace)
      • Provide a data collection kit to a local classroom
      • Help a watershed resident learn about forest management
      • Hold a public engagement meeting or tour to learn about fire mitigation with local managers
      • Set up a monitoring site so we can track ecological health under climate change over time
      • Enhance habitat for aquatic wildlife


      • Bring education programming in a K-12 classroom
      • Restore an aspen stand so it can thrive
      • Contribute to a fire mitigation project to decrease risk to communities, forests, and water
      • Bring back natural features that makes the river more adapted to climate change
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