EPA Superfund Designation of Captain Jack

What to know:

By 2003, Captain Jack Mill was listed on the EPA’s National Priorities List (NPL) because the water in Left Hand Creek continued to show impacts of acid mine drainage and the public were concerned about impacts to health, safety, and the environment. In 1999, the EPA approached the Towns of Ward and Jamestown about the possibility of large areas near or in the towns being added to the NPL to fund necessary mine cleanup activities. Many area residents had serious concerns about having such a large area near their homes declared a Superfund site. To address this concern, a community-based task force (led by Boulder County) was created to explore alternatives to listing the large area. An important recommendation by the task force was for the formation of a continuing grass-roots watershed protection group, the Left Hand Watershed Oversight Group. This group eventually became the Left Hand Watershed Center.

Superfund Remedial Process

Timeline of the Superfund Remedial Process. By 2003, Captain Jack Mill’s Assessment phase was completed, resulting in an NPL listing.

Source: EPA.

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