Record of Decision Issued

What to know:

In 2008, Captain Jack Mill Superfund site completed a final Record of Decision (ROD). The ROD is a pivotal point in the Superfund Remediation Process, as it defines the approach that will be used to clean up the site and the monitoring indicators that demonstrate cleanup performance and completion. The Remedial Action Objectives (RAOs) for this work was to reduce all sources of contamination: surface waste rock and tailings, surface water (water coming from the mine and draining into the creek), and ground water (water interacting with contaminated waste across the landscape). To achieve these goals, the ROD had two remedy components: surface remedy of waste rock, tailings and soils, and subsurface remedy to treat acid mine drainage from inside the Big Five Tunnel. Click here to view the ROD document.

Superfund Remedial Process

Timeline of the Superfund Remedial Process. By 2003, Captain Jack Mill’s Assessment phase was completed, resulting in an NPL listing.

Source: EPA.

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