The Watershed Center Forest Program

Leads the St. Vrain Forest Health Partnership

The St. Vrain Forest Health Partnership brings together diverse stakeholders and community members to prepare the landscape and community to receive wildland fire as a natural part of the ecosystem. Working across the 625,000 acre St. Vrain Watershed, we collaboratively plan and implement cross-jurisdictional forest management, conduct adaptive management, integrate the best available science into management planning, and conduct meaningful community engagement.

Conducts forest management on private land

The Watershed Center plans and implements forest management projects on private lands in strategic areas across the St. Vrain Watershed. We design management actions that balance ecological and human objectives, with the landowner as a collaborator. We learn from each project through our adaptive management approach, which includes data collection before and after project implementation. Our primary goals are to facilitate ecosystem and community resilience to wildfire and climate change.

Coordinates post-fire ecological recovery efforts

We conduct post-fire ecological monitoring, and coordinate with public and private landowners to complete post-fire restoration to support the recovery of vulnerable watersheds from increased sediment inputs and non-native plant species.