Restore Forests

We are leading a diverse partnership to restore the health of our forests.

If you are interested in learning more, attending a meeting, and/or would like to be added to our forest program mailing list, please email The Forestry Program.

Our vision is a healthy and resilient watershed that can sustain wildfire and other natural disturbances to protect communities, keep water supplies reliable, and support diverse flora and fauna for current and future generations.

St. Vrain Forest

St. Vrain Forest Health Partnership

St. Vrain Forest Health Partnership aims to bring together diverse stakeholders and community members to collaboratively plan and implement cross-jurisdictional landscape-scale forest restoration in the St. Vrain Basin that prepares the landscape and community to receive wildland fire as a natural part of the ecosystem.

The partnership includes over 30 diverse stakeholders and focuses on the 625,000-acre St. Vrain Watershed, which is at increasing risk for catastrophic wildfires that will have devastating effects on landscape values.

To learn more about the ecology of our forests, the importance of restoration, who the Partnership is, and how you can get involved in informing and supporting work on national forest lands, please explore our story map.

Stay Informed

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St. Vrain Forest Health Partnership is here to:


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Work with you to ensure that the forest health restoration projects benefit your rivers, forests, and communities

Post-Fire Recovery

We are coordinating recovery and restoration of forest and watershed health following the Calwood-Lefthand Fire that burned more than 10,000 acres in our watershed. Via the St. Vrain Forest Health Partnership, we are ensuring that our watershed and community are prepared for post-fire risks such as floods and debris flows that will impair watershed health.

Left Hand Wildfire

We are working with partners to collect critical watershed health data so that we can implement necessary on-the-ground recovery and restoration projects to help ensure the community is protected, the environment is resilient, and our water supplies remain reliable.