Front Range Watershed Days:

A Community Celebration of Our Watersheds

Saturday, September 12, 2020
9:00 am – 2:30 pm
BioBlitz in four watersheds:
Left Hand, St. Vrain, Fourmile, Big T
Lunch Provided

Left Hand Watershed Center is a 501c3 nonprofit, stakeholder driven organization that aims to protect and restore our watersheds for people and environment, using a collaborative, science-based approach. We provide place-based watershed education opportunities to ensure our watersheds remain healthy for future generations.

Participating Watershed Groups

Estes Park Watershed Coalition

Event Overview

Front Range Watershed Days aims to inspire the community to connect with their local watersheds. This event will include a bio-blitz (data collection & mini watershed tour), food, hands-on activities for the whole family, and an opportunity to “meet the scientists.”

Bio-Blitz: 9am-2:30pm (lunch included)

Choose one of four watersheds!
(FREE, sign-up Required)

Part-community engagement event and part-scientific endeavor, this event will generate region-scale scientific data about the health and recovery of our watersheds that include biological and physical measurements using a bio-blitz approach. Participants will have the opportunity to collect meaningful data, meet river scientists, learn about data collection methods used to understand watershed health, and take a mini watershed tour.

What Will I Learn?

What fish habitat looks like in the creek and how scientists measure the habitat

What bugs live in the creek and which ones are indicators of good water quality

What groups are involved in watershed protection and restoration

How forest health is connected to water quality

What restoration features were installed to help improve fish habitat

How the watershed can act as living laboratory for students and adults

Join us to discover and learn more about your home watershed!

Thank you Event Sponsors!

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A Celebration of Watershed Health, Science, and Community